How the newspapers headlined the demonetisation of notes

How do you headline a news that is as momentous as demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes? And as stunning?

The suddenness of the announcement caught the nation completely off guard. The media was no exception. It scrambled to fathom the impact of the historic announcement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It was therefore interesting to read how the country’s top newspapers headlined the financial tsunami.

The New Indian Express compared the announcement to the nuclear test that was carried out by India at Pokharan. The only difference was that this was a financial Pokharan.

The DNA and the Hindustan Times punned on the word bucks, a slang for money. The Times of India punned on the word Black as in Black Money.

Here is my selection of the best headlines arranged in order of merit:

1. The New Indian Express

Demonetisation of notes
2. DNA

Demonetisation of notes

3. The Hindustan Times

Demonetisation of notes

4. The Times of India

Demonetisation of notes

5. The Indian Express

demonetisation of notes

6. The Deccan Chronicle

demonetisation of notes

7. The Hindu
demonetisation of notes
8. The Tribune
demonetisation of notes



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