How Indian newspapers headlined surgical strikes on terror

Yes. We have done it.

The mood was unmistakable. Every Indian turned to their smartphones and television sets as the news spread of surgical strikes across the Line of Control.

The nation had been waiting for this for three decades. The joy, the delight, the pride was unmistakable.

The television channels erupted with nationalistic chatter. The newspapers must have gone in a plan mode. The foremost thought in the minds of editors must be how they should capture this historic moment for future generations.

Their advantage was that the news had come early. They had a full day to reflect on this path-defining moment in India’s history.

It was therefore exciting to browse the headlines this morning in India’s leading newspapers. Two words that were punned most were “Line” and “Strike”.

Here’s the list of the headlines in run in India’s English newspapers. The headlines reflect my ratings. The best headline, to my mind, clearly was the one given by the editors of The Telegraph. The second best on my list is that given by The Times of India. The third best headline was that of DNA, Mumbai.

The next on my list of outstanding headlines is the one given by Deccan Chronicle editors.

The Telegraph

Surgical strikes

The Times of India

Surgical strikes


Surgical strikes

Deccan Chronicle

Surgical strikes

The Indian Express

Surgical strikes

The New Indian Express

Surgical strikes

Mail Today

Surgical strikes

The following are the headlines that failed to rise up to the occasion They are too straightforward. They do not reflect the magnitude of the story.

The Hindustan Times

Surgical strikes

The Hindu

Surgical strikes

Deccan Herald

Surgical strikes

The Tribune

Surgical strikes

Please feel free to add any other headlines that caught your attention in the Comments Box.

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