Why you should leave office one hour early today

There are few campaigns that hit you so strongly as the World Family Day campaign by Club Mahindra.

The campaign that went live on YouTube on May 12 has already garnered more than half a million views, and is still going strong.

The reason is the campaign’s intriguing punch line:

On this Monday

And the answer given beneath the TVC is:

Surprise your family on World Family Day, May 15th, 2017.

The connect is very strong. Which working father or mother would not like to surprise his or her family?

The TVC that is being run across sites drives home the message powerfully. It begins with school children waiting for their turn to get into the school buses to go home. However, when the turn of one girl comes, she is told that all seats are full, and she needs to wait.

The doors close, and the school buses leave one after the other leaving this one girl looking anxious and worried. Your heart goes out to her as she stands alone seeing the buses drive past. It’s only when the last bus leaves that she notices her Dad emerging from behind a tree.

The girl’s face lights up with joy and she flies across the road into her Dad’s arms. What a wonderful way to draw attention to the World Family Day. You too can watch this powerful TVC:

Club Mahindra also took to Twitter and posted messages asking Mom, Daddy and Uncle to leave early. The visuals were strong, and there was a great deal of standardisation. Here’s the tweet asking Moms to leave early:

However, the response to the Twitter campaign was not as euphoric as that of the TVC.

But the call to action can’t be denied. You too can surprise your family by leaving office one hour early.

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