5 free ways to build web traffic

web trafficYou don’t have to wait for search engines to discover your site. You also need not use Google Ad Words to get web traffic. You can build substantial web traffic and loyal following by giving away freebies.

However, this strategy will work only if you have great content. Without quality content, you cannot retain visitors or get them to come again.

So, here are five easy ways to build, and retain, web traffic:

1. Give away free e-book
Use your existing content to build an e-book. You don’t need outside support to build a free e-book. You can build it using Microsoft Word. Paste all your articles and images in a Word file. Hyperlink sections. Save the Word as a pdf file. Your e-book is ready. Publish it on your site, and let visitors download it for free.

2. Hold free online classes
Use Google chat room or Skype to conduct free online class. Announce the class one week in advance. Promote it on your Facebook page. You will find that your popularity grows. The information will be shared by your fans, who will flock to your site.

3. Hold contests
Contests are a great way to lure visitors. The only catch is that there has to be a gift at the end of the rainbow. Maybe, you can create a unique e-book for winners. For instance, if you have a cookery site then you can create a recipe e-book; if you have a social media site you can create a social media marketing e-book; if you have a travel site you can gift a travelogue e-book. The gift depends on your site visitor. Also, please publish the winning entries on your site.

4. Offer free services
If you have the time you can offer a free service like improving copy or proofing copy. You can also create a picture section where you can post photographs that web users can use for free. Of course, you have to see your time commitment before offering any such facility.

5. Offer free consulting
You can answer questions on your subject. All that you need to do is to invite questions from visitors as e-mail, and answer them in a specified time. This is important. You shouldn’t make your visitors wait for long periods.

If done properly, these five steps have the potential to build a large web traffic.

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