Want to rank high on Google, use long tail keywords

The best way to rank high in Google search is to use long tail keywords. These are keywords that are long, yet very specific.

For example, if you sell used fridges you should never specify your site’s keyword as “Buy fridges”. There are scores of websites that sell new fridges, and all these sites will show up when a prospective buyer searches for the keyword “Buy fridges”.

You can test this by searching the keyword “Buy fridges” in Google’s search field. You will notice that Google Autocomplete throws up the following suggestions while you are typing the search words:

long tail keywords

Keywords such as fridges, media schools, furniture, shoes etc are known as Broad Keywords or Head Keywords, and are largely generic in character. They generate results that run into thousands, if not millions, of pages.

Your site will not even figure in the first ten search pages if you use “Buy fridges” as your site’s Head Keyword. What’s more, prospective buyers may click on “buy wine fridges”, and end up on your site even if you don’t sell new wine fridges.

So, what should you do? Since you sell used fridges, your keyword should be built around the phrase “used fridges”. You will find that your traffic now is of only those buyers who want to buy used fridges.

Here too, you will notice that Google Autocomplete will come up with several suggestions about sale of used fridges.  Your keyword therefore has to become sharper, and more focused. So, you should analyse what is your core strength. Let’s say you realise that you have a strong business presence in the sale of used wine fridges. In this case, you should change your site’s keyword to “used wine fridges”. You will find that Google Autocomplete now suggests a less number of links:

 long tail keywords

You can further refine your site’s keyword by location. Let’s say that your used wine fridge shop is located in Bangalore, and if you make “Buy used wine fridges in Bangalore” as your site’s keyword then Google Autocomplete will suggest even fewer links:

long tail keywords

Now, the chances of your website showing on the front page of Google will rise dramatically because now you will be competing with only a few dealers who sell used wine fridges in Bangalore.

# Advantages of long tail keywords

This is why it is important to use long tail keywords as focus keywords. They are like lighthouses or navigation aids that help users navigate to your website.

The second advantage of long tail keywords is that they are less expensive. Companies make fancy bids for broad or head keywords, because they drive large volumes of traffic. However, there are not too many bidders for long tail keywords. Their bids are therefore low.

The third benefit that long tail keywords bring is that they generate targeted traffic.  This traffic may be low but it is more likely to produce results – something that every website owner wants.

However, it is equally important to understand that Head Keywords or Broad keywords make only 30% of Google searches. The remaining 70% come from long tail keywords.

If this so, then you too should use long tail keywords to rank high in Google search.

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