News Writing

News Beats
How journalists get news
How journalists decide news value
3 dangers of news beats and how to handle them
What is news beat and how is it organised

News Leads
How to write news leads
Kinds of Leads IV: Question, Suspense
Kinds of Leads III: Simple, Multiple Point and Quotation
Kinds of Leads II: When, Where and How
Kinds of Leads I: Who, What, Why

News Sources
How to identify sources in news reports
When you should not name a news source
Ever wondered how newspapers get their news reports
How to use credit line and why

Feature writing
4 tips for budding news feature writers
6 steps to write a news feature

Interview Techniques
How to set up a news interview
6 more useful interview tips
9 interview tips that deliver results
How not to conduct an interview

Covering Press Conferences
3 reasons to hold a press conference
8 tips to cover press conferences

Covering a Public Speech
How to report a speech
8 tips to report Public Meetings
12 Speech Reporting Tips
How to report a Public Speech

9 simple points to write awesome film reviews
How to review a play
3 reasons why media reviews are so important

How to soar high as a translator
A peep into the world of translation

6 reasons why media loves vox pops

Writing Tips
The smartest way to test your writing skills
Use Microsoft Word to improve writing in 2 easy steps
How to correct online mistakes
7 findings that will change the way you write
5 easy ways to improve your news writing
8 simple tips to write powerful web stories
5 characteristics of a good news report
How to keep readers on your web page
9 simple points to write awesome film reviews
How to review a play

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