Headline Writing

Print Headlines
5 trusted to rules to follow while writing headlines
How to use punctuation marks in headlines
How to use attribution in headlines
Why are headlines in present tense and news reports in past tense
What are kickers and why newspapers use them even today
How headlines establish news value
Call it reverse shoulder or reverse kicker, but it is powerful
Why newspapers use Crossheads and Sideheads
What is a banner headline
How headline writers save space

Web Headlines
5 key characteristics of web headlines
The easiest way to write clickable headlines
Headlines that increase click-through rates
Find out how Buzzfeed has turned headline writing upside down
5 differences between print and web headlines
4 key qualities of great web headlines
Headlines that search engines ignore
How to write headlines for Google
What killer headline experts don’t want you to know
Love them or hate then, clickbait headlines are here to stay

Momentous headlines
How newspapers headlined surgical strikes on terror
How newspapers headlined Modi’s audacious Pak visit
How the newspapers headlined Nitish-Lalu victory
How newspapers headlined Kejriwal Delhuge
How the Indian newspapers headlined the Modi Tsunami
How the English media headlined Assembly results
How Indian newspapers covered Sachin’s last innings



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