Do you know the top ten Apps Indians use

Which are the top ten Apps that Indians use?

You don’t need divine powers to answer this question. Every Indian knows it. WhatsApp is the most popular App in India. AppAnnie, which is the world’s largest App Analytics website, also confirms this.

The surprise is the rapid climb of Snapchat to the second position in India. It’s hard to realise that WhatsApp has a rival in India, and it is Snapchat.

Equally interesting is the dominance of Facebook in the list of top ten Apps used by Indians. Besides WhatsApp, Facebook has three more Apps which figure in top six Apps in India. These Apps are of Facebook itself, Messenger and Instagram.

The list of top ten Apps also includes two Google Apps. These two are not a surprise. The video sharing giant, YouTube is at number four, while Google Maps is at the ninth position.

The only two Indian Apps to figure in the top ten Apps list are Hotstar and, hold your breath, BHIM. This money transfer App has powered its way to the tenth position edging past PayTM, which is number 12 on the list.

If you analyse the top ten Apps list being used in India, the list is dominated by Social Media and utilities. There are no news Apps in the top ten. Should this raise eyebrows?

The chart below lists the top ten Apps as given on the AppAnnie site. The listing is of April 17, 2017.

top ten apps

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