How to become a thought leader with content curation

What would you like more? Content that has been selected by the computer? Or content that has been selected by a human being?

There are no prizes for guessing the right answer. It’s content that has been selected by humans.

It may be time consuming; it may be arduous; at times it may be frustrating. But if you are patient then you can build your own following by finding, and organising, the right content.

There is a small cottage industry that has blossomed around this activity. It is called content curation.

content curation


#The process

There are five steps involved in content curation.

Step 1: You need to identify a niche. It can be content related to SEO, to mobile applications or to social media platforms. It is important that the subject should interest a large number of web users.

Step 2: You should then start going through blogs, websites, company sites etc that post authoritative content on the subject.

Step 3: Bookmark the best or the most valuable content that you find on the subject.

Step 4: You can now tweet this content, put it on your Facebook page, on Linkedin, on your blog or on content curation platforms like

Step 5: You can go one step further. You can add your thoughts, insights, analysis to content that you have found.

You will be surprised at the response. There will be scores of netizens who will be thankful to you.

# Content Curation Strategies

1. Weekly blog post: You can write a blog on the subject, and once every week on a scheduled day you can put up a list of curated content with your insights.

2. Weekly newsletter: You can publish a daily or weekly newsletter. But you should be careful. Don’t overwhelm your subscribers by pushing too much information. The reason you are being respected is because you are trying to make sense. Who would subscribe to your newsletter if you add to the information overload?

3. Share on your social media page: A good strategy here is to give reason why you are doing so. In fact, today Facebook rewards those who add their insights to third party Facebook posts.

# Your Investment & Return

Your investment is time. The more time you invest, the higher will be the return.

Your knowledge will increase over time. You will get new ideas to write. You will start building a following. You may even emerge as a thought leader in your field.

# Content curation Tools

Content curation has really caught on. There are plenty of developers who have jumped onto the content curation bandwagon. Some of the popular content curation platforms are:, Content Gems, Feedly, Storify, Bundlr, iFlow, Newsle, Zemanta, PearlTrees, Triberr,, etc.

Choose any one you like. Start content curation. Become a thought leader.

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Sunil Saxena is an award winning media professional with over three decades of experience in New Media, Social Media, Mobile Journalism, Print Journalism, Media Education and Research.

3 Comments on How to become a thought leader with content curation

  1. Hi Sunil,

    One question I often here is “why should I share content that doesn’t drive traffic to my site?” You nailed the answer!

    The next step is figuring out the right mix of content curation to original content creation that you should employ for maximum clicks and conversions.

    Data points out that social posts linking to third-party content generate 33% more clicks than posts linking to owned content. Linking to your owned content 25-50% of the time generates the best conversions. The ideal mark is to link to your own content 40% of the time. So for every 2 pieces of original content shared, share 5 curated stories.


    Best regards, Bill Flitter
    Content curation with a human touch.

  2. Thank you, Bill for sharing your views.
    I am yet to figure out the ratio between original content and curated stories.
    But I make it a point to curate stories when I am not writing regularly.
    This way I stay in touch with my group, and also add new members.
    Sunil Saxena

  3. Content curation also give you a lot of flexibility as to what kind of content you want to post..With so much content sharing happening every day we wanted to build a tool that makes curating content not only easy but beautiful at the same time so that you can engage your readers. You can try it at

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