How to build great professional relationships on Linkedin

Every week, you get several requests to connect on Linkedin. Most requests are the default Linkedin message which state: “I would like to add you to my professional network.”

Likedin request

There are times when you don’t know the sender, and you wonder why the message has come to you? And why is it a computer-generated message? Why can’ the sender try to connect using words that matter? Does the sender has genuine interest in you or is he using you to boost the number of his Linkedin followers?

It is not that Linkedin has tied the hands of senders. On the contrary, Linkedin gives senders the right to edit the connect message, and use words that can make impact.

So, why do you expect senior professionals to connect with such senders? The least they expect is some effort and some originality from your end.

Here’s one message that made me connect to the sender immediately:

“May I invite you to join my professional network on Linkedin. Look forward to be in touch and knowledge sharing for mutual benefit.”

It was a message that promised professional knowledge sharing and gain. It made sense to connect with the sender. (Read also: 5 tips to earn peer group respect on Linkedin)

Don’t forget to say Thank You

Your task does not end once someone accepts your invitation, and connects. Don’t ignore the connection, and set out in search of another connection. Instead, express your gratitude, and appreciation.

Someone has found time to review your request, and accept you as a connection. Thank him or her. Here’s one message that I received from a University counselor that I value greatly:

“Thank you for accepting my Linkedin invite. It’s great to be in touch on Linkedin. Looking forward to learning from you, and improving my professional knowledge.”

This is the kind of thank you notes that lay the ground for great professional relationships on Linkedin. (Read also: 5 ways to increase your Linkedin connections)

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