8 key advantages web journalism has over print

Web journalism enjoys eight key advantages over print in the way it covers, publishes and stores news reports. These advantages are:

# Advantage 1
Web journalism is search-based. A reader can locate the story of his choice by typing the search word or a search phrase.

# Advantage 2
A news story once published on the site can be accessed 24/7 from the newspaper’s online archives in contrast to a printed newspaper where one has to visit a library to locate a story that has been printed a month or a year ago. Newspapers can never match the convenience that media websites bring in terms of access and retrieval.

# Advantage 3
The website can be updated round-the-clock in contrast to the printed newspaper which is printed only once in a day for a specific distribution area. This gives web journalism a big plus over the printed paper.

# Advantage 4
A newspaper is constrained for space, and is often forced to cut or drop stories. Web space is unlimited and can accommodate an unlimited number of stories.

# Advantage 5
A media site can go beyond news. It can provide information and value added services that a physical newspaper cannot.

# Advantage 6
A media website fulfils a long cherished dream of all newspaper readers. It provides interactivity. Users can react instantly to a news report and place their views on the net, for the world to know. In contrast, newspaper readers are very lucky if their letter finds a place in the sun.

# Advantage 7
A media website can be accessed from anywhere in the world. All that you need is an internet connection. A newspaper is available only in a limited distribution area. This limits the range of news and information that a newspaper can publish.

# Advantage 8
A news website can publish news stories as video reports or multimedia stories, making web journalism a highly versatile news medium . A newspaper is limited to text. This limits the appeal of a newspaper considerably.

(Please add advantages that I may have missed in the Comments section.)

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